Apt Fabriksgatan

We helped this client renovate and style their apartment for it to be put on the market and show potential buyers how the rooms can be utilised. Our goal was to ensure buyers could visualise the space as their own and understand its potential. 

We updated the kitchen by repainting the cupboards and giving them new knobs. We also gave the walls and ceiling a new layer of paint, and exchanged old appliances. We wanted to freshen up the space while also reusing as many elements as possible, in order to keep the environment in mind and keep costs low.

We repainted all the walls and ceilings throughout the rest of the apartment and added a calm green colour to the bedroom, while changing the floor to a cappuccino coloured, oak, 1-strip parquet.

We exchanged the doors to flushed versions with matte black knobs, and added a washing machine to the bathroom and changed its mirror. 

We opted to create a calm vibe with our choice of colours and decor, allowing the space to look brighter and larger, and chose cosy furniture to complement the cool tones. 

The apartment was sold after only two weeks on the real estate market, with a 5% increase on asking price.

Photography: Maria Sahlander

  • Location

    Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Size

    54 sqm

  • Services

    Renovation, Home Staging