Gzira Penthouse

Furniture and decor sourcing for AngieTheArchitect

We work closely with fellow partners within our industry such as architects, interior designer and photographers.

For project Gzira Penthouse we got a request from architect Angie Sciberras to help her source furnishings and decor for her project. From the interior conecpt and design that her architectural firm had made, we manage to find the right furniture and decor. (the point is to say that Angie has done all the design, the interior conecpt etc. and that we only helped with finding, ordering and delivering the furniture and decor.)


Photography: Michael Calleja
Design architect: AngieTheArchitect
Furniture sourcing and interior styling: FORMADEUS.

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    Gzira, Malta

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    Furniture and decor sourcing for AngieTheArchitect

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