Penthouse Mensija

On-going project

The client entrusted us with designing their apartment from concept to completion. It was bought semi-finished, and the only element that was already there was the tiling. In the initial stages, the client expressed his wish to create a high-end apartment that resembled a bachelor pad and made use of a lot of black throughout. We showed him a few options that consisted of more wood and lighter shades, which he ended up loving and opting for.

We proceeded to create a stylish design that evoked a high-end feeling. The priority areas were the kitchen, main bedroom and ensuite, and so we allocated the largest chunk of the budget to these rooms.

The visuals shown here are 3D layouts we created for our client, in order to help him visualise the space.

  • Location

    San Gwann, Malta

  • Size

    96sqm interior, 125sqm exterior

  • Services

    Interior Design, Decoration & Styling